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I suppose I don't really need to go through step-by-step here. I'm voting a straight Democratic ticket, despite wanting to vote for Nathanael Alexander Fortune because "Auditor Fortune" sounds awesome, and wanting to vote for Jill Stein so I could say the Governor gave me a medical exam. Jadelennox did better research than me, so I'm basing this decision somewhat on her post.

I might skip the Attorney General election entirely, though. Martha Coakley did not impress me in the special Senatorial election, to say the least, and I feel I need to register my protest somehow.

As for the ballot questions, #2 is the only one that sensible people are even considering (deplete our income stream in this economy? Um, no). It's the complicated low-income housing one, which I won't attempt to summarize. Everyone I've talked to (for instance, Jadelennox again) sums the issue up as, "It's not a perfect law as it stands, but the ballot question doesn't provide an alternative. The law needs some reform, but not having one at all would result in a lot less affordable housing." I like affordable housing. So, no.

Date: 2010-11-02 09:31 am (UTC)
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#2 does indeed seem complicated. I think all I really needed to know about it I learned from one of the "no on #2" commercials, in which they say that Question 2 is opposed by Deval Patrick. And Charlie Baker. And Tim Cahill. (They don't mention Jill Stein, but needless to say, she opposes it.) When every gubernatorial candidate is opposed to a ballot question, it makes me wonder what reasonable Massachusetts resident is for it.


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